Building Our Future. Investing in Families & Community.

Integrity Custom offers investment opportunities for individuals and corporations who want to make a positive impact on the Texoma and DFW regions. If you are tired of blindly investing in the intangible, we ask that you consider partnering with us. Imagine having the opportunity to physically see your investment dollars at work: homes being built, communities develop, tax revenue raised for regional improvements, adding jobs and stability to the area, and creating places for families to tell their unique stories. Generations positively impacted, and your dollars will continue to work long after your initial investment and ROI has been graciously returned to you.

"Texas is experiencing the fastest population growth in the country."

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We are leaders in the North Texas building industry. Our homes combine historic charm with modern amenities and our craftsmanship is unmatched. Integrity Custom home designs are on trend, without being trendy, and we build in areas that are poised for population growth. We lead the pack, forging our trail from forward thinking, creative vision and carefully researched statistics.


Integrity Custom homes have set the record for the highest dollar per square foot sold in McKinney’s Historic District, not just once, BUT 5 TIMES.
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A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

The real estate market in North Texas is on fire, and the time to invest is now. And while we know that all of the elements are in place for both YOU and I to make great returns, we also believe that those returns should be shared within our community, both corporately and through charitable giving. When you invest with Integrity Custom, you are partnering with us to change the lives of our employees, contractors and skilled craftsmen. This is what makes Integrity Custom unique. We just don't build homes, we work towards the common goal of improving REAL lives.

"You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself."  S. Godin.

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We build relationships.

With over 20 years of building and developing experience in North Texas, we have focused on building real relationships within our industry. We have personal connections to key players in real estate and land acquisition, finance, architecture and design. We continue to build on those key relationships through social media outlets, memberships in business organizations, and mentorships with those that can push and facilitate our vision.

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We invest in ourselves.

How can we ask you to invest with us if we don't first invest in ourselves? We minister to our workers through weekly meetings and Bible study, checking in to make sure their needs are not only met, but they feel valued and prized. This creates an environment of exceptional work ethic and integrity that can be seen in all of our projects, and is the key ingredient to our success. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our company.


McKinney Main Street Partner of The Year

A Trusted Brand in North Texas

Our brand is trusted and highly valued in the North Texas Region. The Integrity Custom website attracts over 2,000 unique visitors each month. Our social sites are highly engaged with. We invest heavily in social media marketing and relational marketing. As a result, we have partnered with homeowners, property owners, and small business owners to build their unique dreams. We are active in city events such as Oktoberfest and Home for The Holidays, lending our time and talents to make The City Of McKinney and McKinney Main Street shine. We were honored to be named 2019 McKinney Main Street Partner of The Year by the voting McKinney Main Street Board.


Investment Opportunities

Collin County

1. Historic Downtown McKinney - Single and Multi-Lot Opportunities

2.  Historic McKinney - 20 Acre Residential Development

Grayson County

1.  Gateway Village - Single, multi-lot, or entire phase of sub-division take-down.

2.  1417 Sherman Corridor Development - 49 acre - Prime Location Neighborhood

3. Sherman Development - 23 acres - High End large acre Neighborhood

designed in partnership with David BAca studios for Gateway Village, TX.

designed in partnership with David BAca studios for Gateway Village, TX.