The White Glove Service Mindset

I love the beginning of a new year. It's a chance to wipe the slate clean (somewhat), and start fresh; implement new habits, find answers to old problems, and walk a little lighter with the weight of the previous year cast off your shoulders.

Don't get me wrong, 2017 was an incredible year for Integrity Custom, but with growth comes (you guessed it) growing pains. And growing pains we did have. We built some stellar homes, but holes were exposed in the inner workings of our company that left this captain of the ship feeling a bit seasick. 

Whatever good things we build end up building us.

I came across this quote from author Jim Rohn a few weeks ago and it helped me gain footing and understand that on the other side of a problem is always an answer. 

We want to not only build great homes, but provide an outstanding customer service experience; one that's fun, not stressful and easy to navigate. We heard feedback (more than once I must truthfully add) that when it came time for the clients to pick finishes and search for finish out options, the list of sources and addresses that we handed them just wasn't cutting it! And our project managers knew how to strap on a tool belt and build a great house, but when it came to fielding questions about the aesthetics of tile....well, let's just say, that there was a fair amount of nail biting! 

It was too overwhelming for the clients, and it wasn't in the area of expertise for our project managers. It stressed everyone out! Why, when we had walked alongside our clients on the journey thus far, did we have a tendency to not go the extra mile on this aspect of the process? We were turning what should have been the fun part of the build process into a sometimes stressful and time consuming task for the our clients.

We put our heads together and the words that kept popping up were "White Glove Service". How can we provide a white glove service to our clients in this area?

"A true white-glove service is about the consumer feeling that the level of service she is receiving exceeds her expectations."

The best way to solve the above problem with a "white glove service" mindset was to bring the design choices to the client, because time seemed to be at the core of the overwhelm.

I'm excited to announce that we are installing a Design Showroom in our Integrity Custom main office.  From a huge wall of fabulous faucets, to samples of our favorite custom five panel doors, concrete tiles and countertop sample installs, you'll be able to see the choices in person AND without having to spend time driving to multiple showrooms or scouring the internet. 

This is just step one of Integrity Custom's "White Glove Service".  Next week, we'll introduce you to the next piece of our 2018 White Glove Service!

From the beginning, when you become an Integrity Custom client and pack up that first box, to the very end when we hand over your keys and you unpack the last box, we want you to feel every step has exceeded your expectations. We can't wait to serve you!

Start building your dream home today! Contact us to take the first step in building your forever home. 

Saving vs. Restoration

My daughter and I entered in a discussion recently regarding the difference between the words "save" and "restore". We agreed that those words yielded two very different definitions. Without even opening up a dictionary, we inherently feel that to SAVE means to stop something from further degradation. To RESTORE means to bring it back to life. It's an active word, and much more laborious of a verb than just "to save".  Restoration happens after the "saving" has been done and we start moving (carefully and slowly) back up the ladder so to speak, and into what that thing was before it started to become, well, less. 

The restoration of the Gough-Hughston (the name formally used on the National Registry) home on Louisiana Street is a "restoration" in the true sense of the word. The owners fell in love with the home many years ago, and it's taken trial and error for them to find a contractor that shared that same infatuation. And if you follow us even just a smidge, you know that it was a match made in heaven.

When you look at the project from the outside looking in, you might begin to question the time line. But looking at it from the inside out yields an entirely different perspective. 

Let's take the story of JUST the windows for example. Every window was taken out, glass removed, frames and jams rebuilt, hardware re-worked, new rope and then original glass re-installed. All of the wood and glass we needed were sourced with the same era and type, which meant that we first needed to locate the exact species of wood and then have it shipped for milling. Once we receive the wood, to continue working on that particular window and to make cuts that match,  blades and knives must be custom made.  And this is just for the windows! 

But....ALL OF THE WINDOWS WORK! How many of us who have ever lived in an older home can say that about historical windows! We are proud of what our skilled craftsman accomplished here in just that one area.

Other than feeling like we won the lottery that our company gets to take part in and revel in the beauty of this living and breathing space, I'm thankful for the individuals (owners and fellow old house lovers) that are putting their resources and energy into, not just saving, but RESTORING, pieces of our past. Our history is worth it! 



IC Historic Restoration McKinney-1.jpg
IC Historic Restoration McKinney-2.jpg
IC Historic Restoration McKinney-6.jpg

Master woodworker, Dru, holds a window header after repair and multiple landings. Every header of EVERY window is having this same treatment. 

IC Historic Restoration McKinney-8.jpg

The day that this particular window was re-installed, the crew said they couldn't sleep the night before, knowing that it is irreplaceable.

IC Historic Restoration McKinney-3.jpg
IC Historic Restoration McKinney-17.jpg

Make sure to read up above to learn the vast number of steps and stages that a single window must transition between in order for it be repaired!

A special frame with very specific dimensions and angles was built in order to repair and rebuild this curved window header. 

IC Historic Restoration McKinney-20.jpg
IC Historic Restoration McKinney-12.jpg
IC Historic Restoration McKinney-25.jpg

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