Our standards are other builder’s upgrades.

From large country estates to modest cottages (and everything in between) we are a boutique style building service.We hold an Integrity Custom home to a high standard that isn't normally found in the construction industry today. We like to say that our standards are what other builder’s like to call “upgrades”. Quality starts with attention to detail, and we have researched the best in building and energy efficient materials, right down to the nails and plumbing fixtures. We do not take your investment with us lightly and therefore strive for excellence in every step of the design and build process. View Our Available Homes in Gateway Village HERE and McKinney, Texas HERE.



Phase One includes vision casting for your dream home. Together, we turn your vision into a plan. We partner with a team of architects to assist in design, and engineers to assess the structural needs of your future home site. We come up with a master plan that neatly lays out the project.

Phase Two is the nuts and bolts of the build. It’s not sexy. It’s the taking-things-apart-to-make-them-better phase and it consists of all the rough-in work such as plumbing, electrical, insulation, and engineering. It’s messy and dirty, and we love every minute of it!

Phase Three is FUN. The is the trim-out phase, otherwise knows as the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel phase!  We put in the cabinets, tile, sheetrock and more. The master plan for Phase One begins to take shape and your house begins to look like your dream home. This is when you can bring your friends over for a sneak peek. 

Phase Four is the proofing phase. We hand you a big roll of blue tape, and you walk through, looking for imperfections or things you may want to change. We have a punchlist and we check off all the boxes before we wipe away the last layer of dust and leave you to enjoy your new home. 


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