McKinney Custom Home Builder-5 Ways to Use Architectural Salvage When Designing & Building a Custom Home

As a custom home builder in McKinney, TX,  we often are asked by clients to incorporate architectural salvage in their new home design or renovation. Our friends and owners of Patina Green Home and Market, Kaci and Robert Lyford, have recently opened an online store & McKinney pop up shop called East End Salvage. Twice a year, they travel to England and bring back amazing architectural salvage. An interior designer by trade, Kaci expertly weaves salvage and antiques into every design project. We’ve asked Kaci to share 5 ways that an Integrity Custom new build client can incorporate architectural salvage into their custom home design and build.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is the centerpiece of the room, literally. It should be special. Sourcing a unique piece for a kitchen island is the easiest way to add instant character into a newly built or renovated space. 

When we are shopping antique markets in England, we’re always looking for statement pieces that can be used as work tables in the kitchen. Old general store counters, retired butcher blocks, merchant display pieces, industrial workbenches, and one of my favorite antique pieces to hunt for, 19th-century draper’s tables.  These work tables were originally used in France by cloth merchants for measuring and cutting fabric.  The oak board tops are usually well-worn with lovely patina and once used in the kitchen, they will only get more beautiful with time.

Design by  Kaci Lyford . shop salvage kitchen islands online at  east end salvage ..

Design by Kaci Lyford. shop salvage kitchen islands online at east end salvage..



Incorporating a reclaimed sink into a bathroom or kitchen will require retrofitting from your custom builder, but is well worth the extra effort. A reclaimed sink adds a punch of drama to a smaller sized guest bath or hallway powder room.  We found this antique stone trough in France and had a custom iron base welded from parts of an old garden fence (also used to create the custom mirror).

Design by  kaci lyford . Shop salvage sinks online at  east end salvage .

Design by kaci lyford. Shop salvage sinks online at east end salvage.


Reclaimed Doors

Pantry, powder bath, utility room, bedroom, office, closets; homes have doors, and many of them, right? Each one is an opportunity to make a statement. The possibilities are truly endless in this category. At East End Salvage, we search for old doors with layers of original paint, paned doors with wavy glass, commercial metal doors, industrial fire-safe doors, paneled doors, barn doors that can be installed on sliders… you name it. A salvaged door not only has a great look but physically heightens the experience of entering a room. It just feels stylish.

If you are going to use reclaimed doors, one bit of advice is to communicate early with your builder. Allowances will need to made for specialty door frames and hardware, which may take time and ingenuity from your builder.

Photo by  House of Hargrove . Design by deanna rearden. shop salvage doors online at  East end salvage .

Photo by House of Hargrove. Design by deanna rearden. shop salvage doors online at East end salvage.


Fireplace Mantel

Yes, this Texas heat will soon come to an end and the days of curling up next to a warm fireplace will be here before we know it. Much like a kitchen island, the fireplace is the focal point of a room. I am crazy about simple wooden mantelpieces or cast iron surrounds just as much as the ones plastered in ornamental elements.  Over the next few buying trips, I will be searching for larger stone mantels (like the one pictured) and pallets of reclaimed tile that can be used again to create showstopping custom fireplace designs. Keep your eye on the East End Salvage online shop or send us an email here

Photography by  Kaci lyford . design by  Lisa Luby Ryan . Shop antique fireplace mantels onine at  east end salvage .

Photography by Kaci lyford. design by Lisa Luby Ryan. Shop antique fireplace mantels onine at east end salvage.


Salvaged Window Frames

Salvaged window frames should be used to highlight a window in a key location, such as above the kitchen sink or surrounding a free-standing tub in the bathroom.  Decorative window treatments aren’t necessary when you have a beautiful frame to look at!

Photography by  Melinda Ortley . Build by  Integrity Homes . Shop salvage window frames online at  east end salvage .

Photography by Melinda Ortley. Build by Integrity Homes. Shop salvage window frames online at east end salvage.


If you plan to incorporate architectural salvage into your custom home, it is important that all members of your team (designer and builder) have open communication regarding your salvaged installs so your build stays on schedule. Any piece that needs to be repaired or retrofitted prior to installing should be ready well in advance to avoid delays. And you should choose a custom builder, like Integrity Custom, that has experience in working with reclaimed house parts. Contact Integrity Custom here.

Using architectural salvage is all about thinking outside the box. The thing I love most about using salvage in a custom home or renovation is that it’s completely one-of-a-kind. No one else on your street will have the same fireplace mantel or kitchen island that you do. 

We’re curating a collection at East End Salvage that will help you create unforgettable design moments in your home. Check our online shop often and join us for our next Market at East End on December 7.

In just a few weeks, we are hitting up the largest antique show in England.  While we shop,  Integrity Custom will be prepping our McKinney historic barns for the winter market. Sign up for the East End Salvage email list HERE for more information about the Market and first dibs at tickets to our Preview Party. If you are building a custom home and are looking for a special piece, please reach out. We’d love to help search for you while we are out shopping! 


Houses into Homes in McKinney's Historic District

There is a such a sense of accomplishment when the last walk through is completed and we see moving trucks around the corner. The boxes are checked, little pieces of blue tape removed from the walls and we close the door behind us, leaving the new homeowners eager to resume their former lives, ready to move forward with plans that may have been put on hold and ultimately, curious as to how their new space will settle out and become a home.

On Tuesday, we toured a property that was completed almost 7 months ago. When we last visited, the dust hadn't quite settled.  This wonderful antique wine tasting table, purchased at Round Top, was in it's final resting spot then, but bare, without chairs around it to sit and enjoy a meal. Now, it's standing at the ready, humbly awaiting the next clinking of wine glasses or first cup of coffee served on a cold day. 

So many personal touches, like the fireplace screen and vintage plates in the dining room, turned the house we built into a family home; into a space where pictures of grand babies are proudly affixed to the refrigerator door and artwork carried home from a family vacation is hung on the wall as a testimony to the memories made.

The accomplishment of building a house makes us proud. Seeing that "house" become a "home" makes us utterly humble.