The Modern Farmhouse

Watercolor by Audrey DeFord

Watercolor by Audrey DeFord

The Modern Farmhouse new construction project in historic McKinney was a pinnacle project of 2017. The nuts and bolts of this home have been circulating in my head for over 10 years. Inspired by a home I fervently followed being built in Oak Cliff, rough design ideas were transformed into buildable plans by the perfect serendipitous storm of client, available lot and time. 

Of course, those were humble beginnings. The homeowners have a serious background in design, and knew the exact features that would turn this house into THEIR home. 

Reclaimed shiplap, an antique staircase, and patterned concrete tiles are just a few of the details that contribute to the home's wow factor, which is not pushy or showy. Luxury touches, grounded in comfort create spaces that are calm and livable. Isn't that everything a home should be?

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Living room view with door leading into the library/office.

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A combination of stone, reclaimed wood and poured concrete on the fireplace surround.

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Reclaimed shiplap ceiling paired with Crate & Barrel Sconces for a true Modern Farmhouse look.

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Patterned concrete tile and a modern soaking tub in the master bath.

A reclaimed staircase from the late 1800's. 

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The upstairs office. 

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The upstairs media room features a screened in balcony porch. 

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Outdoor living spaces still in progress. 

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A version of this home is available for new construction and is currently planned to be built in Gateway Village. Contact us to begin designing your dream home. 

Creativity Through Constraint In An Historic Cottage

"Boosting Creativity Through Constraints and Creative Constraint: Why Tighter Boundaries Propel Greater Results are the names of two articles in a sea of many that are popping up in media outlets ranging from business to fashion. It seems there is a creativity boost when the "sky ISN'T the limit".  Environments with restraints, restrictions, rules, and boundaries (what ever names they happen to go by) are catalysts for creativity. In other words, thinking "within a box", spurs "out of the box" thinking. When boundaries are movable, there's simply no reason to crush through them. 

Potential clients walk into our office and say "We've talked to a few people, heard it's not possible, but they've said to reach out to you anyway." Or we walk a delapidated property with a potential buyers for the first time and after sharing their vision, look at us sheepily and say "Are we crazy....can this even be done?" Those conversations end up being the first steps in our most satisfying projects. 

Historic properties, and really all renovations or restorations for that matter, have their own playbook, a set of rules pre-determined by the hands that built them or the bank account that's funding them.  Granted, items like plumbing and electrical can be moved, but isn't your focus more intense when your chess opponent has your king in check? "GAME ON", right? 

We have a special place in our heart for the dreamers that take on that playbook, crumple it up, and free throw it right in the garbage pail. This historic McKinney cottage, built in 1935, has been featured in Country Living Magazine and more recently on It's inspiration is far more reaching than the walls of our office or our town. 

The replacement of a burnt out furnace sparked the remodel. Then, can we add another bathroom? Why not a fireplace, too, and a master bedroom upstairs?  Before any of us knew it, we were in a full blown remodel, and simply amazed at what could be achieved within the confines of this beautiful, 1538 square foot cottage. 

Enjoy the home tour below. The homeowner, Cynthia, has a love for all things vintage and antique and an absolute gift for putting it all together! We've also added links for more articles discussing creativity through constraints at the bottom of this page if you'd like to learn more.  

If you've been told that it can't be done, or if you're guilty of  telling YOURSELF that you'll never have your dream home, give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to work within your constraints, whatever they may be, to give you the home of your design and dreams.


McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-2.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-17.jpg

The trim pieces covering the gaps in the original shiplap were added for practical purposes. The texture and finished look was an added surprise. 

McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-46.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-54.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-55.jpg

After exposing the brick, we fashioned a spice rack, using salvage wood. 

McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-15.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-59.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-10.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-16.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-61.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-45.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-42.jpg
McKinney Historic Cottage Integrity Custom-48.jpg
My favorite part is the kitchen. It’s a great place to cook, bake and gather.
— Cynthia W. (homeowner & out of the box thinker)

We don't choose the house. The house chooses us.

This is our first blog post of this kind, in essence, a home tour and spotlight. We did not perform any work here or consult in any way shape or form, however, that's where our differences end, because this house, these homeowners, well, they are kindred spirits and embody our style and philosophy here at Integrity Custom.  

Such as happened to many of us before, it seems that we don't choose the house..the house chooses us, and the marriage of Old Quail Run Farm to Rick and Jennifer Taylor follows suit. Not quite at all what they had in mind, but after just being on the property momentarily, they knew it was home.

A perfect blend of old and new, Jennifer and Rick restored the original homestead, exposing a good portion of the shiplap, and expanding the footprint by adding a modern living/master bedroom space through a linear addition.  The space is brought to life with vintage and antique finds carted home from Jennifer's many antiquing trips. Her love of treasure hunting spawned the idea of hosting a barn sale, and thus the Vintage Barn Sales at Old Quail Run Farm were born.

A power house in the Texoma region, Jennifer owns and operates  Bon Appetit Ya'll, a wildly successful catering business which has expanded to host Farm-To-Table Dinners on her beloved farm. In the intimate setting of her backyard, she highlights local flavor and pairs coursed meals with organic, sustainable wines. 

A house is a material, worldly possession. It's a thing. We get that. But there is a change that occurs to the person that sets out to resurrect a tattered space. Pieces of it's past life rub off and awaken. For Old Quail Run Farm that means Farm To Table Dinners and Vintage Barn Sales are on the menu.

Who knows what's next?  The house and land wants what it wants. And if the homeowners are open, listen,  and allow the physical transformation of the space to spill over, new experiences and dreams begin to take shape. As usual, we are feeling rather fortunate that we get to come along for the ride!

Make sure to visit the Old Quail Run Farm website HERE and follow along on Facebook and Instagram @oldquailrunfarm for news and updates.

Photography and words by Melinda Ortley.

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See Old Quail Run Farm for yourself at Rick and Jennifer's Vintage Barn Sale in October. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!  We'll be there shopping and eating right along with you!